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Jarimbi helps New Orleans businesses be successful on the web.

Yes, I want to be more successful online!


You are a local, New Orleans business.

You work hard to deliver the best to your customers.

You know you need to promote yourself online.

You need a website, SEO, online advertising, social media, email marketing, ….

And now your head starts to hurt.


Jarimbi is here to help.

Jarimbi helps you understand online marketing.

Jarimbi explains those difficult terms & technologies.

Jarimbi tells you what you need and what you don’t need.

Jarimbi takes the headache away.

Online Marketing for Small & Medium Business

Jarimbi specializes in small & medium businesses. SEO can easily turn into a huge project and cost. Hundreds of keywords to track, thousands of dollars spent on monthly retainers, and lengthy reports that you don’t even understand.

The challenge with smaller businesses is that you do need the online presence and you do need to rank high in Google, but your resources are limited. You don’t have the time to write weekly blog posts, you cannot spend a ton of money on Google Adwords, and you are definitely not going to post daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

That does not mean you cannot be successful online. It just means you need to make wise decisions on where to put your money and your time.

Jarimbi helps you make those decisions.

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