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About Jarimbi

Jarimbi Online Marketing & Websites is Bente van der Made. The weird last name is explained by my Dutch nationality. I moved to New Orleans after Katrina. I love the city, the people, the music and the climate (mind you, Holland is cold and rainy most of the time!).

I have been in the IT industry since the late 90's, starting out working at a software lab and finally getting caught by the internet. I believe the internet is one of the greater inventions of our times, allowing people to connect and to share information all over the world.

In my younger years I went to college to study Biology and became a Tropical Ecologist with a minor in Communications. Even though I didn't work as a biologist for long, I still value the great education and the way it made me think.

My passion is to share my knowledge and to make people successful on the web. I work mainly with small and medium businesses and I like to keep things affordable and practical.

Bente van der Made - Jarimbi

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