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Analysis & Monitoring

Numbers tell you where to put your money!

Know where your visitors come from. Discover how people use your site. Find out if your online advertising is resulting in leads or sales. Without measuring what is going on on your website you have no clue what is working and what is not.


Jarimbi will help you set up the reporting that is right for you.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to learn more about your website statistics. Unfortunately, it is so full of data that most business owners get lost in it. To use Google Analytics to its full potential you need to configure it, set your goals, and create your own custom reports. Unless you want to spend all your free time digging into Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, you need an expert.
Jarimbi is Certified in Google Analytics.

Jarimbi will work with you to configure Google Analytics in such a way that you will get answers to your questions. Reports will be created customized to your needs, easy to read and understand. You will also learn how to tag your links so you will get more information on how people find your website and which visitors turn into customers and which not.

Tracking Results from Online Advertising

Spending a lot of money on online advertising and not knowing if that advertising is resulting in more business does not make any sense. Jarimbi will work with you to get insight in what online advertising is working and what not.

Lead Tracking

Many businesses use CRM or Lead Management tools integrated with their website, others don’t have any digital lead tracking. In either case, Jarimbi can help you set up the best system to track where your leads are coming from.

Call Tracking

If your main goal of your website is to have people call you, you need a way to track these calls. Jarimbi will help you set up the call tracking system that works best for you.

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